Honduras SHB RFA- 5 pounds

A wonderful blending coffee that makes a great partner to and can round out our bolder and brighter options.

Minimum order: 5 pounds.

Standard roast degree: Medium-dark

**other roast profiles available for an extra $2.50/lb

Region: San Marcos

Variety: Catuai, Bourbon

Grade: SHB EP (Strictly Hard Bean, European Preparation)

Producer certifications: RFA

Processing method: Washed

Altitude: 1370m

Tasting notes (at a medium roast): Tobacco, raisin, cherry wood

**Information not currently available: We are updating all of our coffee info. We've reached out to our suppliers and direct-trade partners with requests for information about our current offering and are still waiting for some parts to come in. We will update the fields as soon as we hear back. Thank you for your patience! :)

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