grosche Lisbon French Press

Please note: This product is only for Curbside Pickup or Local Delivery. We will not ship this by courier due to fragility of glass bottles.

Investing in good coffee means brewing to spec, every time. For this reason we feature some special gadgets which will help achieve this goal and maximize the flavour in our beans. 

The GROSCHE LISBON is a beautiful glass French press. It features a heatproof borosilicate glass beaker and GROSCHE’s dual filter system. The LISBON is perfectly suited for coarse ground coffee, loose-leaf tea or blooming teas. It will infuse them completely in just a few minutes, producing a rich-tasting cup of coffee or tea. The LISBON comes in two sizes: Choose the small 3 cup / 350 ml size to make a large cup of coffee for one person or the 8 cup / 1000 ml to make two to three large cups of coffee, perfect for two.

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