We know our bean and roast selection is plentiful (which is why we're the experts). We have built this quiz below to help fit the subscription to your tastes.

What time of day will you be drinking most of your coffee?


morning coffee Nobody gets between me and my morning cup of joe.
afternoon coffee I enjoy an afternoon coffee with colleagues.
coffee I prefer a nice cup after dinner.
coffee Day? Night? Just give me coffee.


Do you prefer your coffee to be thick like cream or thin like skim milk?


coffee Thick, like cream.
coffee Medium.
coffee Thin like skim milk.
Can I get a coffee IV?


Do you like your coffee bright and fruity or mild and smooth?


coffee Mild.
coffee Balanced.
coffee Depends on how I'm feeling at the moment.


What level of sweetness do you like in your coffee?


coffee Dark Chocolate.
coffee Toffee or caramel notes.
coffee Dried fruit notes.
coffee I like all of the above flavours in my coffee.


Do you like Decaf?


coffee Mmm, sounds great!
coffee Yeah, sometimes with dessert.
coffee Death before decaf!
coffee What is decaf? I don't get it.