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Our Story

For over a decade, EcoCafe has been providing Waterloo Region with countless varieties of globally sourced certified Organic, Fair Trade, Direct Trade and Rainforest Alliance coffee beans. Freshly roasted and sold at our headquarters in St. Jacobs as well as offered at many specialty retail shops, EcoCafe is proud to offer a truly different approach to your average cup of joe.

To learn more about us and about Edward, our founder, check out our feature on Go Solo!

The Evolution of an Idea

Edward and his team are true entrepreneurs - combining their passions for coffee, the environment, and the relationships it forms. 

It all started after spending time living in Colombia, where Edward began learning the art of coffee growing, roasting and brewing. He learned about the idea of coffee as a lifestyle and a relationship builder, connecting him to his Colombian heritage. He honed his skills and upon returning to Kitchener-Waterloo, he discovered that the city was ready for fresh, high-quality, locally roasted coffee, and soon opened his first location in the city...

"As we began to delve into the roasting and production, it then became apparent that coffee was simply our medium, but that our business was about people and about relationships. I have always loved to converse, communicate and learn, what better way to do so than through others over coffee?

We want to excel in providing the best coffee to our community, of educating what the industry is about, where coffee comes from, how it is grown, milled, transported and processed. We want to educate others in the best processes which create the best end result and create satisfaction for those interested in something better than the norm."

-Edward Denyer

EcoCafe: Coffee Beans from Around the Globe

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Meet Edward: Where Coffee is a Lifestyle



It all started as just an average relationship, one steaming cup of coffee and one inquisitive Colombian man. Many years ago, after living in Colombia, Edward learned about the history of coffee and how it shaped his culture and heritage.

Always curious by nature, Edward realized there was more to the rich, bold flavor of the beans. While buzzing with adrenaline, Edward knew that coffee needed to be cared for and properly harvested to preserve its most authentic flavor. So, he set out on a mission and delivered on his passion.

From that moment forward, EcoCafe became a platform for coffee enthusiasts to enjoy the finest selection of quality, organic, fair-trade, and sustainable coffee. A rather hefty goal, but one that’s been tried, tested and tasted.

Enough talking. Let’s drink.


Meet Dan: Our Roasting Guru



Dan was trained in the nuance of coffee taste by his father at an early age. He has since consumed countless varieties of coffee, cataloging each and every one along the way. By commencing at such an early age, he has been able to perfect his palate and can now roast any coffee to its optimal profile using his vast experience and sensory optimized palate. His motto is "start young so you can reach that professional expertise based on pure sensory memory"


Meet Sylvia: Our Cafe Guru

The cafe excels thanks to this dedicated woman whose passion for coffee is endless. She may come off a bit shy at first, but underneath that lovely smile and soft voice is a strong and knowledgeable coffee expert! She works tirelessly to keep the beverages enticing, the offering complete and to make it exciting to all who venture in.

Her dedication to our coffee is her greatest strength, every staff member is eager to learn, thanks to her ability to express her vision and teach them how it should be done. They are also aware that she excels at axe throwing and carries one by her side at all times. So next time you are in, please acknowledge her efforts or beware of that giant target on your back!


Meet Drew: Our Admin Guru


Drew has brought her passion to succeed in to our establishment and constantly infuses the rest of us with the will to improve, whether personally or professionally. She has immersed herself into process improvement, procedural implementation and continuously applies her skills to make us a well caffeinated machine.

But you must beware, that behind the sweet and innocent smile lies a ferocious tigress who will have all the dogs heel to her command!

Meet Aura: Our Food Guru


As we develop our need and desire for providing better food options beyond the great baked goods we have carried until now, we found a lonely Mexican young lady who has become part of our family. She makes our lives brighter and our tummies fuller, get ready to be wowed!

I also have to pay homage to her other wonderful talents, she is the artist/creator of our amazing wall mural in our "coffee alley", so come down, imbibe and enjoy our sites smells and views

Meet the Twins: Our Sensei Leaders



Always available, always assisting, always driving us forward and at the same time making sure we are calm, on track, sensible and having fun. These guys have been the greatest hidden asset we have and deserve tons of credit for all they do!