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Grown in Thailand and Northern China, monk fruit is a gourd (think tiny green pumpkin) which has been prized for its sweetness for hundreds of years. The sweet taste comes from an antioxidant called Mogroside V which is 300x sweeter than sugar, and does not affect blood sugar levels, making it safe for diabetics, great for kids, and the perfect solution for anyone looking to reduce their sugar intake but not wanting to give up sweets!


Spoonable Monk Fruit

Replace one teaspoon of sugar with ¼ teaspoon of Spoonable Monk Fruit in your tea or coffee or try it in a Sweet Cheat recipe.


Inulin fiber, monk fruit, natural flavour

Hot Chocolate 

Velvety and rich, Sweet Cheat Hot Chocolate is all natural, sugar-free, dairy-free, low in fat and calories, and has just 1g net carb per serving. Sweetened only with monk fruit, it is diabetic safe, Keto-friendly, and won’t affect blood sugar levels. Kids love it and it’s a great way to indulge a sweet-tooth without the sugar. It has a deeper chocolate taste than the Sweet Cheat Chocolate Milk and can be whisked into a cup of hot or cold milk of your choice for a creamy and delicious chocolate treat anytime.


Inulin fiber, cocoa powder, monk fruit, salt

Chocolate Milk 

Sweet and frothy, Sweet Cheat Chocolate Milk will remind you of the chocolate milk of your childhood, except now you can feel good about drinking it and serving it to your kids. With just three natural ingredients, Sweet Cheat Chocolate Milk is sugar-free, dairy-free, and low in fat and calories. It is sweetened only with monk fruit and has 0g net carb per serving so it won’t affect blood sugar levels, making it diabetic safe and Keto-friendly. Whisk 2tsp into a cup of milk of your choice and enjoy!


Inulin fiber, cocoa powder, monk fruit

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